Enjoy delicious meals prepared by the villa’s cook while staying here. You may either choose the regular menu which features local and western options, or opt for the Wellness Set Menus to be served to the entire group.

All the ingredients are sustainably sourced giving priority to local small business vendors. Spices are hand-selected and ground especially for us in the local village. Our menus are naturally low fat and mainly gluten free.

We offer a selection of pre-priced  set menus (lunch and dinner) The menus can be customised as per your dietary preferences

Our Menus are designed to be shared family style by the entire group staying at the villa.

The villa guests may host up to six extra people (non-residents) .Extra charges apply. Send out the invites and call your friends over for a gourmet feast. Advance notice is required.

All provisions are charged at cost plus 20% handling fee. Our staff will shop for you and keep receipts for your reference and payment.

History of Sri Lankan Cuisine

One of the biggest draws for travellers, Sri Lankan cuisine dates back 2000 years and finds its roots in Ayurveda. Authentic Sri Lankan food is holistic, rich in healing spices and medicinal herbs with numerous health benefits.

Ayurvedic cuisine is almost entirely vegan, due to being developed over centuries in the central, eastern and southern parts of the island, which are predominantly Buddhist. As the cuisine evolved, fish and seafood as well as meat were introduced into the Sri Lankan diet. A typical Sri Lankan meal will only feature one non-veg dish and a number of vegetable sides with the staple rice

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